Stansborough Blankets Shibori

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Stansborough blankets are made from pure NZ wool sourced from a rare grey sheep that dates back to the Vikings. Traditionally woven & over twisted, the ‘Shibori’ blanket has a Japanese rippled felt effect, using two different weight yarns. This is a light and stunning contemporary piece – perfect for modern living. 

Woven on a restored woollen loom dating back over 100 years, it can take up to two days to hand thread the looms before weaving and produces a unique handmade, natural feeling blanket.

Interesting fact: Because the fibre can be woven, knitted and felted, Stansborough was chosen to provide fabrics for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Narnia and other NZ produced movies.

To view the full range it is best to come in store. 

Size: 250 x 250 cm. No fringes.



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