Washing Instructions

Washing Instrctions

Cotton and linen are natural fibers and therefore are prone to shrinking when exposed to high temperatures while wet. It is recommended that you wash your sheets in cold water with s suitable cold water washing agent. Line drying is best but if this is not possible your sheets can be put in a dryer.on a slow tumble dry.   Avoid a hot dryer and remove before they are completely dry as this reduces wrinkling in both cotton and linen. Fold promptly. Linen can be ironed with a hot iron though use less heat on cotton sheets. Spray with a suitable linen spray to refresh your sheets and this gives them a lovely scent in your linen cupboard or on your bed.

If this all sounds too much then there are plenty of good laundries who will launder your sheets for a fee and return them to you pressed and perfect for your bed. Remember that feeling when you stay in a good hotel; The cool, crisp, freshly laundered cotton sheets?. There is nothing quite like it for a good nights sleep.

Cold or luke warm washing is  recommended as natural fibers may shrink in hot water. Warm water temperatures can vary considerably from household to household.

If stains aren’t entirely removed after washing, try rewashing  before article dries , as  drying can set the stain. Use a stain remover before washing e.g. Wonder Soap.

Separate man-made fibers, such as polyesters from natural fibers like cotton. Man-made fibers can attract the oils that are released from natural fibers during washing. These oils can build up and make spots.

Ideally line dry natural linen and cotton though be careful as too much harsh sunlight can cause yellowing of white cloth.

Do not tumble dry natural fibres unless specified as high heat can cause excessive shrinkage. Always remove items promptly ideally while still damp and fold immediately once dry as creases will set in cloth if left crumpled.

Once dry, your article may require pressing. Use a medium to hot iron though you will find it easier to press cotton and linen while still slightly damp.

Do not soak linen and cotton articles for lengths of time as this may cause excessive shrinkage. Do not iron articles that are dirty or stained. Heat from iron will set stains.


Washing Detergents 

The majority of leading brands of washing powders contain  optical brighteners. These OB may affect colour and can make pastel shades, eg creams, appear lighter. Care should be taken to use the recommended amount of washing powder. Powders are available which are free of OB.

Be sure that your powder is dissolved before it makes contact with your washing. For this reason Liquid detergents are recommended. They also help maintain the Sheen of an article for longer.

Always consult the washing instructions on an item as these may vary for individual fibres and products