Roman Chamomile Crystal Series Long Burning Organic Coconut Wax Candle 500gm


Warming, heady fresh and sweet with soft fruity herbal base notes.

Timeless and calming Roman Chamomile is universally loved, as it promotes a sense of peace, love, tranquillity and wellbeing.

Transform the ambience, of your space, with their Crystal series, statement candle, for connoisseurs of luxury fragrance, refinement and style. 

The candle is handcrafted with cold-pressed Organic Coconut Wax. Organic Coconut Wax is the perfect companion, when creating candles with concentrated Essential Oils and natural fragrances, typically used in fragrance design.
Its cool, slow-burning temperature allows wonderfully complex layered scents, that entice the senses and enhance physical and psychological wellbeing.

Captured in an artisan-crafted masterpiece, that embodies elegance, movement and light.  Together they create an alternating prismatic effect, showcasing a mesmerizing dance of light with an intensity of scent.

The Luxury Collection vessel - a grand centrepiece, with a profusion of multi-faceted hand-cut crystal patterns, encapsulated in a contrasting black gloss background.

500 Grams Made in New Zealand.

*Their coconut wax supplier confirms that their wax is organic but is not certified.


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