Novadown Wool Four Seasons Duvet


Novadown's use of New Zealand Wool in its bedding range harnesses lambswools exceptional ability to regulate body temperature. Wool’s naturally breathable structure allows it to absorb and release water vapor into the atmosphere, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.Wool is locally sourced, durable, a sustainable fiber, naturally non-allergenic, odor, mildew and fire resistant.

This four season duvet inner option consists of a 200gsm (summer) and a 300gsm (spring and autumn) duvet, which can be domed together for use in winter. Covered in 290 thread count Japara cotton, this duvet carries the Asthma Foundation Sensitive Choice Approval.

Made in New Zealand.

Each duvet set comes with a 5 year guarantee of unconditional fine workmanship and quality. 

Washing Tips: Please dryclean or spot clean only.

Warmth level: 1/4 - 4/4


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