MM Down All Seasons Goose/Duck Duvet Inner

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All Seasons Goose Down/Feather Duvet Inner

Duvet 1 - 80% White Goose Down, 20% White Goose Feather

Duvet 2 - 50%White Goose Down, 50% White Goose Feather


S 470 + 310g

KS/D 570 + 390g

Q 800 + 540g

K 900 + 650g


MM Down offers a luxurious range of warmth and fill levels in premium goose down and feather with superior lofting and natural fibres. Their product is ethically sourced and and allergy sufferers can breathe easily with the effective Swiss technology hygiene function, 'Sanitised, ensuring long lasting freshness, comfort and protection.

MM Down is stitched in a square cassette construction to ensure even distribution and is covered in 100% down proof cotton.

Please enjoy our selection of the very best bedding for you and your family.


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